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Continuing Education Unit

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We are excited to announce that this year's conference will feature a Continuing Education Unit on the topic of negotiation. We are lucky to have Nadine Haupt as the instructor for this CEU.


The Art & Science of Negotiation:
How to Ask with Confidence and Receive What You Want

In this informative and interactive seminar, Nadine Haupt, P.E., will dive into the nuts and bolts of effective negotiation. If you have ever felt uneasy walking into a negotiation or find yourself actively avoiding confrontation, this is a MUST attend event.  During the 4-hour CEU-approved course, you will learn:

  • Various negotiation styles and which one resonates best with you
  • How to effectively prepare for any type of negotiation – professional or personal
  • How to develop a negotiation strategy that helps to overcome potential barriers to agreement
  • To understand gender differences and how to leverage your unique advantage
  • How to recognize the confidence gap between men and women and learn how to bridge the gap for yourself

Target Audience:

The program is recommended for anyone who negotiates on behalf of others as well as themselves.  The topics covered will be appropriate for early, mid and late career individuals.

Needs Assessment:

Women, in particular, are not as comfortable or effective in negotiations.  As a result, women tend to avoid negotiation – especially for themselves – in the workplace.  The goal of this course is to break down the mystique behind successful negotiation strategies and build confidence so that the attendee is prepared and comfortable in personal and professional negotiation opportunities.


  • Learn and understand the different negotiation styles
  • Identify steps to best prepare for any type of negotiation
  • Understand of common negotiation language and acronyms
  • Develop a strategy to help overcome common potential barriers to an agreement
  • Discuss the gender differences in negotiation approach
  • Recognize the confidence gap between men and women
  • Learn skills and strategies for women to close the confidence gap


  • Model of negotiation styles based on concern for outcome and concern for the relationship
  • Define the negotiation styles so that attendees can understand which style they resonate with most under different circumstances
  • Key terms/acronyms in negotiations
  • Steps to effectively prepare for any type of negotiation
  • What are the common barriers to agreement and how to overcome them
  • Men & women negotiation styles and differences
  • Define and explain the confidence gap women have versus men in the workplace
  • Teach strategies to build confidence and self-esteem to be a more effective negotiator 


The format of the program will be primarily a lecture, with integrative exercises, audience participation, and discussion.


Program will be 4 hours in length.


Nadine Haupt is the Founder/CEO of FAST Women in Business, the preeminent coaching and consulting firm dedicated to helping motivated and results-driven women ignite their passion, create financial wealth, and become Fearless, Ambitious, Strong, and Trailblazing (FAST).

From pit lane to the corporate boardroom, Nadine has navigated the twists and turns of start-ups, niche businesses, consulting firms and corporations. With over 20 years of experience in professional motorsports, automotive, commercial trucking, engineering consulting, and alternative fuels industries, she is a pioneer for women in traditionally male-dominated technical fields and an expert on how to succeed in them.

Nadine earned a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. In addition to her licensure as a Professional Engineer, she hold three graduate degrees: a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Oakland University, a Master in Materials Science Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, and a Master of Business Administration from Pepperdine University.

Additionally, Nadine holds an Associate Coaching Certification with the International Coach Federation, Certified Professional Coach certification from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, and certification as an Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner. Her expertise, business success, and devotion to mentoring women recently earned her a nomination for the 2014 Influential Woman in Trucking Award.