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Breakout Sessions

The Breakout Sessions compose the bulk of conference programming and will take place in DeBartolo Hall. These will feature speakers from corporate sponsors, faculty members, and other prominent members of SWE. There are four different times slots for sessions with about eight different speakers during each time slot. The sessions are typically a presentation/Q&A style and run around 45-50 minutes long.

Link to the full tentative conference schedule including the four breakout session time slots can be found here. Breakout session times are denoted as “Breakout Session One”, “Breakout Session Two”, “Breakout Session Three”, and “Breakout Session Four.”

Below are brief, general descriptions for preliminary session ideas. Sessions with a speaker already assigned are noted as such.

Collegiate Sessions (Saturday 11:00-11:45 am)  

  • Balancing Work and Life - For women especially, the balance between work and life is sometimes tricky to maintain and different for every individual. Identifying what you want from both your work and life experiences is important in developing your career.Learn from experiences that Melissa has had and how she strives to have a better balance. You can’t have it all all of the time but you can try to have most of it all the time.
    Target Audience: Undergraduates
    Speaker: Melissa Stiegler, Emerson
  • How to Have a Successful Internship - Isabelle Baird, Advisory Manager - Chicago, and Grace Thomas, Advisory Experienced Associate - Chicago, will be presenting on the topic of "How to Have a Successful Internship". Topics to be covered include the do's and dont's of an internship, general expectations of interns, the important of networking, tips for landing a full-time offer, receiving feedback, etc. For any student who is interested in how to succeed in their upcoming summer internship, this is a beneficial breakout session to attend. 
    Target Audience: Undergraduates
    Speaker: Isabelle Baird and Grace Thomas, PwC
  • Dealing with Leadership Burnout-  This session will help you recognize the signs when members and/or officers are reaching a potential burnout. It provides a forum for best practices for effective solutions, and will allow you to walk away with concrete ideas of prevention.
    Target Audience: Undergraduates
    Speaker: Brianne Stewart, CLCC
  • Hit the Ground Running- This module gives information on how to prepare for a student’s transition from college to their career.
    Target Audience: Undergraduates
    Speaker: Kimberly Miller, CLCC
  • Running Effective Meetings - We all have sat through the pointless let’s schedule a meeting to discuss the schedule of the next meeting kind of meeting. Thankfully, this session will discuss the tactics needed to run efficient, productive meetings. The roles of both meeting leaders and participants will be explored.
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Amanda Pannell, CLCC
  • What’s Next? Is Graduate School a Good Fit for You?- Whatever your motivations for applying to graduate school may be, having a clear vision of how your graduate degree will help you achieve your goals is essential. Join us for a panel discussion hosted by current University of Notre Dame graduate students as they discuss their area of study, why they chose to pursue a graduate degree, their research interests, and how to make the most of your graduate school experience.
    Target Audience: Undergraduates
    Speakers: Graduate Students from the University of Notre Dame

Session One (Saturday 12:00- 12:45 pm)

  • The Value Proposition: Strategies to Get What You’re Worth- Targeted to women without regard to degree or discipline. In this session we will discuss how to determine your true market value and how to tailor your negotiation strategy to get what you want without changing your personality or abandoning your professional ethics.
    Target Audience: Everyone (Focus for Graduate Students)
    Speakers: Cindi Fuja and Lisa Michaels
  • Energy Industry - There are a multitude of different industries and companies that influence intelligent people to pursue engineering. But what about the industries that makes it all happen: oil/petro, nuclear energy, and natural gas to name a few.  With so many to choose from, there are a wide variety of opportunities for all types of engineers. Learn about what those who work in the industry actually do and why they are so passionate about it.
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speakers: Kristine Barnes, AREVA Inc., Jessica Jennings, BP, Margaret Guillaumin,DTE Energy, & Diane Rink, Nicor
  • Building Your Professional Network - Getting jobs and internships these days is primarily influenced by the relationships and connections you make. The work does not stop after getting your first job, but is a continuous process. With so many tools to make these connections, such as Alumni Networks and LinkedIn, it can seem overwhelming and, at times, unauthentic to “network”. This presentation will guide you through this process by giving you advice on how to make lasting, mutually beneficial relationships, and how to maneuver virtual networks. At the end of the day, we see networking as a critical skill to help you find new ways to improve your world. Let’s connect!
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Kim Nguyen and Penny Wand, Pariveda Solutions
  • Leadership- A highly popular topic of discussion in today’s organizational environment, gender’s impact on leadership effectiveness offers a plethora of research opportunities. This workshop addresses the role of gender in leadership effectiveness in past and current organizations, and the rationalization behind any variations throughout current and historical literature. Theoretical and factual data are presented to provide an accurate analysis of these variations. The role of gender in leadership effectiveness is examined using notions of societal and self-perceptions, individual leadership attributes, and the dynamics of an ever-changing organizational environment.
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Captain Brandy Donaldson, United States Air Force
  • Managing the Opposite Sex- Ever feel like you’re speaking a foreign language when trying to communicate with the opposite sex? Think there just may be some truth behind men being from Mars and women from Venus? Dayna will share insights into cross-gender communication and tips to managing the opposite sex. Background for this session includes brain differences between the genders.
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Dayna Johnson, GE
  • Being a SWE Mentor or Advisor- SWE collegiate section Counselors, Faculty Advisors or anyone interested in these roles,this session is for you. We will focus on sharing best practices, lessons learned, and address questions or concerns counselors and faculty advisors may have.
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Charlene Willenbring, SWE FY15 Counselor / Faculty Advisor Coordinator
  • Nanotechnology: Responsible Development and Social Benefit - Launched in 2000, the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) is a research and development (R&D) initiative of the US Government, providing a framework for interagency effort toward nanotechnology innovation.  “The NNI envisions a future in which applications of nanotechnology will lead to a revolution in technology and industry that benefits society.”  In this session, we will take a closer look at the concepts of societal benefit and responsible development with respect to nanotechnology, and emerging technologies more generally.  At this interface between technology and society, numerous questions arise.  For what, and to whom, is an engineer or corporate decision maker responsible?  What sorts of benefits are prioritized, and which subpopulations enjoy them?  What about risks and unexpected consequences?  What role do regulatory agencies play in societal benefit and responsible development, and are they prepared for the challenges of 21st century technological advances?  Do American citizens collectively investing in nanotechnology even know what it is, and if they do, what do they think about it?  Is nanotechnology converging with other emerging technologies, and if so, what sorts of innovations can we expect at the leading edge?   If these questions interest you, please bring your own questions and join in this conversational session.
    Target Audience: Professionals and Graduates (or any Undergraduates who have experience or previous knowledge on Nanotechnology)
    Speaker: Kathy Eggleson, NDNano
  • Goal Making - What are your goals and what motivates you to accomplish them? Setting a goal and making it happen are critical steps to your success. Coming up with a plan that’s manageable and not overwhelming is important. It is difficult to remain focused in a world full of so many distractions. Learn tips for avoiding distractions, procrastination, and overcoming failed attempts or set-backs. Find creative ways to get motivated and develop a new approach on achieving your goals.
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Amy M. Hall, Lieutenant, Civil Engineer Corps, US Navy
  • Rotational Programs vs. Direct Hire What’s the Right Choice for Me- In today’s job market, with many different types of opportunities available, deciding what kind of job to accept can be hard! When presented with the option of working in a graduate rotational program as opposed to a more traditional route of hiring in directly, many questions will arise. This session will discuss the pros and cons of working as a direct hire vs. working in a rotational program.
    Target Audience: Undergraduates and Graduates
    Speaker: Jessica Durden and Rachel Mcguinness, Rolls Royce
  • Be the Critical Link: Engineering in Supply Chain- If you’re looking to lead the charge in a fast-paced, ever-evolving function, a role in the supply chain is waiting for you. Learn how your engineering skills are in high demand in supply chain, what exciting problems you can solve, and the best way to delve into the field and start a successful career. 
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Pam Daskalakis, John Naughton, Keurig Green Mountain

Session Two (Saturday 2:45- 3:30 pm)

  • What Now? Finding Your Pathway after Graduate School- Finding the right career path for yourself after graduate school can be a discouraging task especially given the volatility in today’s job market. Join Larry Westfall, Director Graduate Career and Professional Development at the University of Notre Dame as he explores broader career horizons available to Master and PhD students as well as how to define a career plan based on your skills, interests and motivations.
    Target Audience: Graduate Students
    Speaker: Larry Westfall, Director of Graduate Career Services at Notre Dame
  • Making a Powerful Presentation- Presentations are a key element of life in the workforce. The ability to deliver a clear and convincing presentation is vital to success. In this session, explore how appropriate preparation, compelling presentation of data, and targeted application of influencing skills are essential to persuading your audience.
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Jessica Jennings, BP
  • Engineering Consulting: A Comparison of Client and Consultant Points of View- Are you considering a consulting position following graduation, or as a new opportunity along your career path?  This session is designed to describe the role of the consultant from two points of view:  a client who is buying the consultant’s services, and the consultant who is providing these services.
    The first portion of this presentation will emphasize the client’s perspective.  Kara will describe the types of work for which the City engages consultants to support their utility businesses, the selection processes for procuring the services, and the expectations that the City has for the consultants delivering professional services.
    The second portion of the presentation will highlight the consultant’s perspective.  Melissa will share the types of work that her firm delivers to clients, the process of approaching clients and winning new work, and the expectations that consultants have of themselves for delivering work to their clients.
    Join us for some fun facts, real-life examples, and perhaps some good-natured banter about how clients and their consultants work together.
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Kara Boyles, Assistant Utilities Director for the City of South Bend, Indiana
    Melissa Moran, Global Leader for Water Supply & Treatment, ARCADIS
  • Owning Your Own Career - How do you think about owning your career? Do you plan a safe path or push yourself out of your comfort zone? How do you set yourself apart from the competition and take charge of your future? Answering these questions will help you draft a plan for your own career path. Lessons learned from one woman’s career provide the backdrop to this interactive discussion.
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Amy Villenueve,  COO and President of Kiva Systems
  • Creative Problem Solving Skills -  Learn how you can develop solutions to your field’s trickiest problems and ultimately be more successful as an engineer. Rosie Elefante will share key lessons in problem solving that she and her team of engineers use daily as technical consultants for the nation’s leading healthcare organizations. Dive into theory, practical application, discussion, and exercises that will strengthen your approach to problem solving.
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Rosie Elefante, Epic
  • Socially Responsible Engineering: Creating a Flourishing Career by Helping others Flourish- Many become engineers in order to serve mankind. Indeed, engineers hold great power and responsibility to not only enhance our quality of life, but also to save lives, perhaps even more so than doctors. In fact, there is growing recognition, captured most recently by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, that engineering now more than ever will play a significant role in protecting our planet’s most vulnerable populations in this new era of urbanization, climate change and natural disasters. This is rapidly becoming not just policy but practice, as this conversation now extends well beyond governmental and non-governmental organizations to include the private sector and academia. Thus, engineers, regardless of their employer or career path, will have an opportunity (and in the eyes of some, an obligation) to join the global social responsibility movement. This session will overview such opportunities for engineers to engage in human centered design and innovation to respond to the urgent needs of communities worldwide, as well as their equally important roles as advocates and ambassadors. Examples from the speaker’s personal work in post-disaster settings, most recently in Haiti through her project Engineering2Empower, will underscore the responsibilities, opportunities and impacts engineers can have in advancing human development worldwide.
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Tracy Kijewski-Correa, Notre Dame Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering  & Earth Sciences
  • 3D Printing: Far more than a MakerBot on your desktop- In the technology world “3D Printing” has become a popular phrase nearly as ubiquitous as the worn cliché “thinking outside the box”.   There is plenty to be excited about, but there is also a tremendous amount of hype.   The fact that a lot of “training” in this area is thinly veiled advertising generated by the machine manufacturers certainly does not help.   This course is intended to give attendees an impartial review of 3D technology and the associated businesses.  We will begin with the additive manufacturing industry as it currently stands, followed by a summary of the various technologies and materials currently available along.   This will include their relative strengths and weaknesses.  We will also cover the major uses for these technologies, emphasizing their role in a nimble and lean organization.   We will finish with the technical and organizational hurdles that can hamper the introduction of additive manufacturing in your design process.    Attendees will gain an understanding of what is currently possible in the realm of 3D, how that can help in a design and manufacturing environment, and what the steps are to introducing it in their organization.
    Target Audience: Undergraduates (And those NOT very familiar with 3D printing)
    Speaker: Bob Sutton, Spring Board Engineers
  • Why STEM Majors Build the Best Startups: 2 Case Studies Starting a business from the ground up can be extremely challenging and unbelievably rewarding. Learning from the experiences of others is sometimes the best ways to avoid mistakes. In this session we will discuss two recent Startups that have emerged from Notre Dame's own faculty and their research - and what has been learned in their first few years as a company.
    Target Audience: Professionals
    Speakers: ESTEEM Program at Notre Dame
  • Missioneering- Missioneering is a ministry to those in need through design, science, and innovation. This session will first talk about what missioneering is and discuss engineering opprotunities in the third world. This session will also display the senior design projects of the students’s presenting. Then, our group will discuss engineering in third world countries and about the engineering non profit organizations that are out there.
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speakers: Panel of Seniors from Olivet Nazarene University
  • Making the Most of "Women's Intuition"- Every survey of organizations, whether business or academic, highlights the importance of "professional skills " like team building, team playing, communications and curiosity, as the differentiator (on top of deep domain skills) between the very successful and the moderately successful employees. Too often we view these as "soft skills" and therefore disparage them. Many women have a natural talent in these areas. Katharine will discuss, with real world examples, techniques to make the most of what comes naturally!
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speakers: Katharine Frase, VP and CTO, IBM Public Sector
  • New Product Development: Creating the Next Big Thing - Can you live at the intersection of technology and consumer insight? Hear about the path from insight to idea to innovation from the R&D engineers of Keurig Green Mountain, and how they use the stage gate process to get new product ideas onto the store shelves. New product development can’t be done by a single person; it takes teams of engineers, scientists, and product developers from a multitude of backgrounds. Learn how your career path fits into the world of research and development. You too can have a career in creating the next beverage revolution.
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Jessica Trapasso, Keurig Green Mountain

Session Three (Saturday 3:45- 4:30 pm)

  • 3-Minute-Thesis- 3-Minute-Thesis was developed by the University of Queensland in 2008 in an effort to cultivate students’ academic, presentation, and research communication skills. This session supports graduate students' capacity to effectively explain their research in three minutes, in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience. They will be able to present their research in a short, "elevator-pitch" style setting and then receive feedback from SWE professionals and Notre Dame faculty.
    Target Audience: Graduates
    Speakers: Notre Dame Engineering Faculty
  • SWE After Graduation This session is organized as a panel comprised of professional SWE members who are at varying places in their careers and were involved in SWE in different ways as both collegiates and professionals. This panel will allow collegiate members to hear the panelist experiences, ask questions, learn what different opportunities exist for future SWE leadership, and discover ways to continue to be a part of SWE after graduation.
    Target Audience: Undergraduates and Graduates
    Speakers: Jessica Rannow, Rosa Bushkuhl, Kristine Barnes, Diane Peters, and Stacy Lueneburg
  • Success Factor Revealed -- How to Shift Gears and Turbo-Charge Your Results- Are you tired of not seeing the results you want in your career?  Join Nadine Haupt and discover how to end overwhelm and frustration and take the RIGHT action to make more money and do more of what you love.
    In this action-packed session you’ll learn:
    > Simple, no-cost things you can do to instantly make a big impact on your results.
    > The TRUTH about the current corporate climate that is holding you back.
    > 3 Secrets to accelerate your influence and income.
    > And most important, how to leverage your leadership to become F.A.S.T. – Fearless, Ambitious, Strong, and Trailblazing – in business and in life.
    Stop struggling with mediocrity! You deserve to create the big results and enjoy success on your terms – without all the struggle and frustration.  Give yourself what you need to say, “YES!” to fuel your passion and drive your success.
    Target Audience: Professionals
    Speaker: Nadine Haupt, F.A.S.T. Women in Business
  • Adventures in Manufacturing: What It Means To Be An Engineer In A Manufacturing Plant- This session will provide a variety of viewpoints and experiences about the life of an engineer in a manufacturing plant as well as the career paths available
    Target Audience: Undergraduates
    Speakers: Panel of PPG Engineers: Meghan Roe, Caitlin O’Connell, Sara Dale, Amanda Walsh
  • 360 Degree Learning- As organizations face increasing internal and external challenges, individual and team effectiveness will become keys to delivering on performance goals and differentiation from competition. Critical to a team’s level of effectiveness is the ability for individual team members to communicate with each other and the organization as a whole. One aspect of individual and team effectiveness is a 360 degree learning approach. A 360 degree learning approach in the workplace and the classroom can lead to a more well-rounded and successful professional or student. Being able to gain perspectives from multiple members in the workforce, team or group can increase individual self-awareness and communication leading to higher level performance, enhancing competitive edge, and continual improvement or refinement. This session will discuss aspects of 360 degree learning, potential benefits and the importance to you and the team, possible challenges you will face, and how to implement/engage in a successful 360 learning approach.
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Emily Chin, AT&T
  • Interviewing with Success- Searching for a job can be a nerve-racking experience. Preparing for confidence in an interview is great preparation to tackle this daunting feat.
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Britta Jost, Caterpillar Inc.
  • Persuasion-  This session will address two of SWE's strategic goals:  "professional excellence" and "advocacy."  A successful advocate (for SWE or otherwise) knows how to persuade others to accept, agree with and act on her point of view.  Participants will learn the strategies for effective advocacy, which they can apply in their professional lives and in service to the profession, using SWE's public policy advocacy efforts as a case study
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Cathy Pieronek, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs University of Notre Dame College of Engineering
  • Additive Manufacturing Technical Review- An in-depth review of current 3D Printing Technology.   As with all new technologies, the science and capabilities of additive manufacturing continue to evolve at a rapid pace.  Even if one understands the major technologies, there is often limited understanding of how to design parts to capitalize on these new capabilities.   In this workshop we will look carefully at the function and capabilities of the major commercially available 3D technologies:  FDM, SLA, Material Jetting, Binder Jetting, SLS, DMLS, Sheet Lamination, and Directed Energy Deposition.   For each technology we will discuss how the technology actually works, the materials that it can produce, major suppliers, advantages, weaknesses, and significant challenges to implementation.   We will also provide an overview of horizon technologies not currently in widespread use but that also hold great promise.  We will end the workshop with a primer on how to break traditional design mindsets and begin designing parts to fully utilize these marvelous new tools in our manufacturing toolbox.   Attendees should expect to leave the room with a broad understanding of all the technologies now commercially available and a set of guidelines for designing parts to utilize these technologies.
    Target Audience: Graduates/Professionals (Those fairly familiar with 3D printing)
    Speaker: Bob Sutton, Spring Board Engineers
  • Professional Competency- Competency modeling is often used to connect the theories taught in school to the skills needed in professional practice. Working together with companies and state agencies, the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Department of Engineering Professional Development identified eight competency domains that engineers need to succeed in the workplace. Though they include the expected engineering knowledge in technology and analysis, employers today also want their engineers to understand business planning, economics, management, tools for innovation,strategies for personal effectiveness, and how to work across boundaries. This session will detail the this professional engineering competency model, and discuss strategies for growing a well-rounded skill set at any stage in your career.
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Marty Gustafson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • The Fundamentals of Intellectual Property and the Role of the Patent Examiner- When it comes to Intellectual Property, you might know that there are Patents and Trademarks (and Copyrights and Trade Secrets, too!), but do you know what type of protection each offers? In this introductory session, we’ll touch on the four main types of IP, and then take a look at the Patent process from the perspective of a Patent Examiner.
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Victoria P. Shumate, USPTO
  • Promotion, Advancement, and Replacement-
    Stuck in a position with your job and not really sure how to move up? Has it been long time since your hard-work and dedication was appreciated? Learn how negotiating strategies for that next raise or promotion and how to prepare yourself for the new job once it is yours. Also, learn skills in shooting for advancement, as well as developing your replacement.Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Priyum Jyoti and Anne Marie Krishnan, Deloitte  

Session Four (Saturday 5:00- 5:45 pm)

  • Strategic Planning- This module is designed to provide instruction for sections on how to create a strategic plan. SWE as a society uses the knowledge based governance model for their strategic plan and your section will learn to use the four planning horizons. A workbook is available for sections to create their own plan.
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Lesley Farah, Starkey Hearing Technologies / Society of Women Engineers – SWE Section 
  • Raising SWE Awareness-  Are you looking for ways to talk about SWE in your community or at work? This session will help you transform as a SWE member to a vocal champion for SWE. Come learn how to share SWE’s value to members and the community. We all have a story to tell so let’s learn how to best
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Faith Chu, SWE-Detroit, Schaeffler; Enanga Daisy Fale, United Technologies - UTC Aerospace Systems / Society of Women Engineers – Chicago Regional Section
  • Developing a Teaching Statement- The teaching statement is an important, but often mysterious, part of the academic job application. In this interactive workshop you will learn what constitutes a great teaching statement and begin drafting your own statement
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Kristi Rudenga, Coordinator for Graduate Student Programs in Kaneb Center
  • Intellectual Property - It’s going to happen at some point in your career: you discover a great idea and wonder if it could, or should, be patented. When does creation of an idea really happen? How do you position the work to ensure there’s an opportunity to protect it? What else should you consider? This engaging, interactive session will highlight the steps you need to take to advance your great idea from inception to a valuable invention.
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Karen Deak, ND Patent Law
  • Dress for Success- Dan will discuss the importance of dressing professionally in the workplace and how to dress for success. Discussions will include: Interviewing,Understanding the Environment, Networking Events, and General Day-To- Day. Dan will use real-life examples from first-hand experience as well as from his time in Human Resources with Hormel Foods. Time remaining will be used for questions and general discussion
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Dan Zielke, Hormel Foods
  • How to Host a Region H Conference - Have you ever wanted to host a regional conference at your school? Then this session is for you! Learn the requirements for placing a bid and hear some helpful advice.
    Target Audience: Undergraduates
    Speakers: Margaret McGonigle, Alison Moore, and Cathy Pieronek
  • Straddling the Tech/Business Divide - This panel discussion will feature 4 women who have successfully 'straddled the technical/business divide' at 3M. Speakers will highlight their career path and share their experience utilizing a technical background hand-in-hand with advanced business degrees to effectively drive business growth and professional development. 3M presents a unique dual ladder growth path for employees that provides opportunities to change function and continue to use an technical background on the other side. Panel members will share how their engineering training helped propel them forward in their careers and their advice for women preparing to enter the work force with the goal of moving to the business side of the technical/business divide.
    Target Audience: Professionals/ Everyone
    Speakers: 3M
  • Building A Team and Making It Work - Being able to build teams and make them work is foundational to the success of any leader, especially in cross-functional lean product development environments. Successful teams do not happen naturally. It takes work, preparation and purpose to get the full benefit of a highly effective team. In this session, we will discuss the fundamental ‘must-haves’ to make a team successful with examples from well-known high achieving teams. In contrast, we will also discuss what pressures and missteps can cause teams to fail. Additionally, we will link the success or failure of a team with the impact it can have on an individual’s growth and career.  
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: Barbara Balinski, Director, Product Development, Whirlpool Corporation
  • Your Brand and Social Media- The business world is all about brand recognition and promotion. Do you do the same for yourself? Learn the important pieces of a personal brand and how to share it though social media. This session will start with some brainstorming about your personal brand. Then provide tools and best practices for using sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Vine to share your brand.  
    Target Audience: Everyone
    Speaker: : Rebecca Reck, Department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Offered for Sessions One, Two, Three, and Four

  • Notre Dame Power Plant (Tour) - Notre Dame is lucky to have its very own power plant right on campus. Learn all about how this powerhouse works and what it does for the campus.
    Target Audience: Everyone

Any questions regarding breakout sessions can be directed toward Madeline Oelerich or Mary Kate Palmer (ndswe15@nd.edu), co-directors of breakout sessions.